Individual Package Plan

  • An ideal plan but not limited to those individuals who need to maintain their English Conversation Fluency.

include PPN(VAT) and bank charges

  • An excellent choice to those who need to brush up on and to enhance their English Conversation Fluency.

include PPN(VAT) and bank charges

  • Designed to those who need to actively acquire and develop their English Conversation Fluency quickly.

include PPN(VAT) and bank charges

Learn To Speak Fluently-Easily!

All Individual Package Plans will be conducted at 30-minute conversation sessions. Access to Viewable Online
Learning Materials, Sessions Completion Feedback, Summary Record Calls and Progress Report will also be
provided at personalized web portfolio


Choose Your Schedule

Set the best time for you to have the conversation with your tutor, making it easy and convenient.

Choose Your Topic

When a certain topic interests you, you can arrange with our conversation coach to have it included in your discussion at least a day before your scheduled session.

Why Lingua Fluencia ?

Our unique method of teaching English conversation skills will give you the right start to be a better English speaker. Experience has shown that learning to speak a foreign language through actual conversation can improve your listening and speaking skills particularly, vocabulary, diction, intonation, pronunciation, and comprehension.


Your conversation coach will guide and encourage you to learn & enjoy speaking English.


Set a schedule that fits your day, that will give you optimum learning experience.


It will focus purely on conversations then you can learn faster on topics that interest you.