To enroll in our program, a potential student should at least be 15 years old. Each applicant is required to complete registration and application forms at www.linguafluencia.com. Applicants are required to select learning packages and class schedules provided at our official website only.
    Learning sessions will start only after a successful registration, schedules selection and full payment received by Lingua Fluencia.


  1. Lingua Fluencia will assess the student’s initial English proficiency level. This assessment will be done through an oral interview to determine the appropriate program for his/her level to enroll.
  2. Lingua Fluencia will assign an available coach who matches the student’s proficiency level and preferred time schedule requested whenever possible.
  3. Lingua Fluencia has the right to move the student to an appropriate proficiency level depending on the coaches availability.

  5. Learning Package Plan is charged to the student prior to enrollment.
  6. The student is required to pay in full for the learning package plan before the English conversation session program starts. Payment can be done through bank transfer or by debit or credit card.
  7. An online payment confirmation will only be sent when a payment has been received. Bank details are provided on the receipt. Payment must include all bank transfer fees and charges (including intermediary bank charges).

  9. Lingua Fluencia will only fully refund the package plan after a "written program cancellation notification" is received and acknowledged by the administration’s office at least 7 working days prior to the starting date.
  10. A full refund of package plan shall only be done via bank transfer transaction. No cash payout will be done to the student.
  11. A refund of fee shall NOT be granted for a session cancelled by the student. "Conversation Session" that is disrupted due to unforeseen circumstances and or the absence of coach will be eligible for session replacement; however, Lingua Fluencia cannot guarantee that the student will have the same coach.

  13. Lingua Fluencia offers three (3) types of English Conversation Learning Packages:
    • Regular Package: valid for one (1) month with two (2) sessions per week
    • Accelerated Package: valid for one (1) month with three (3) sessions per week
    • Intensive Package: valid for one (1) month with five (5) sessions per week
    Each conversation engagement is called one session, and each conversation session will last about 20 minutes to 25 minutes. Lingua Fluencia reserves the right to change session duration and number of session per learning package at any time deemed necessary.
  14. Lingua Fluencia shall conduct English Conversation sessions on every business day from Monday to Friday and/or at any day or time that is made available on our website.
  15. In certain circumstances, the student can change his/her schedule at least 24 hours prior to the regular schedule selected through the student’s webpage account at www.linguafluencia.com within a month. For Platinum Package, a student can change his / her schedule at least 3 hours before the session begins. Lingua Fluencia cannot guarantee that the student will have the same coach.
  16. Postponement of any scheduled session set by the student can only be done within the day itself and depending on his/her coach’s availability; otherwise, the conversation session of the day is forfeited. Any replacement request will not be granted if the postponement date is different from the set schedule made by the student.
  17. If the student fails to set his or her weekly sessions within the duration of the learning package plan are considered forfeited. Lingua Fluencia will NOT replace any “Conversation Sessions" missed of the week.

  19. If the student fails to set up his/her schedule within three (3) months, the learning package will expire and will be terminated.
  20. Lingua Fluencia will NOT provide learning packages replacement or fee refund for all expired ones.
  21. Should the student intend to restart the program, then he/she will need to re-activate by purchasing a new Learning Package.

  23. A student must be ready 5 minutes before each "conversation session" while waiting for the coach's call. The student must prepare a conducive learning environment (phone/mobile phone connection, quiet location, etc.) to ensure that the conversation session runs orderly and smoothly.
    The student is required to prepare and read all the reading materials in the "learning materials menu" of our website (if there is any) before the conversation session begins.
  24. Contact procedures are as follows:
  25. The conversation coach will contact the student on the scheduled time.
  26. If the conversation coach fails to reach the student, the coach will try to redial the student’s phone number three (3) times
    • After a student fails to receive the first call of the coach, SMS notification will be sent to the student.
    • A second and third call will then follow and such attempt still fails to connect to the student, the conversation session of the day is forfeited.
  27. If the student fails to pick up the call to attend a lesson up to three (3) times per session, then the session is considered used and Lingua Fluencia will NOT replace the "Conversation Session" for the above-mentioned situation.

  29. A typical lesson will start with a greeting, free talk, follow-up of the previous session, and then continue with topical discussion depending on the learning materials that are made available on your "portfolio" one day prior to the session. The session will end with a wrap up - a summary of the lesson learnt and close it by saying goodbye.
  30. The student is required to participate in the conversation and assume the role of a key conversant. The student will be enticed and encouraged to engage in the conversation. A student is required to study all new vocabularies, paraphrasing sentences and creating sentences.

  32. After each session, the coach will send an email to the student about summary of the "Conversation session" discussed and learnt. For coach’s review and feedback and for quality assurance purposes, Lingua Fluencia will record all conversation-sessions between the coach and the student. However, at the end of each learning package plan, a copy of the first and the last recorded conversation-sessions will be given to the student to track his/her personal progress via "My Portfolio" at our www.linguafluencia.com. At the end of the learning package plan, a student may give his/her feedback and recommendation regarding his/her experience about our program and coaches for our monitoring and to further improve the quality of our services.

  34. Lingua Fluencia will keep the student’s personal information and study result in a strictly confidential manner. Lingua Fluencia will not disclose any confidential information to any third-party organization.
  35. "No Out of Context Conversation" and/or discussion should be used on common day to day topic as provided at “topic of discussion selected by the student”. Any discussion that are not related to the topic such as pornography, adultery, discrimination based on racial and or religious background, verbal harassment and bullying, sexual seductions and any other inappropriate topic shall NOT be allowed and/or shall NOT be initiated during the sessions. Should this event occur, the coach will remind the student of this unacceptable matter. Lingua Fluencia has the right to terminate the session and on severe cases, suspend the student.

  37. Lingua Fluencia may suspend the service to provide the lesson when: a natural disaster, or any other emergency occurs or is likely to occur; scheduled or emergency maintenance of its system or network; telecommunication equipment; or any other unavoidable event. Lingua Fluencia decides whether all or part of the service needs to be suspended.
  38. Lingua Fluencia has no liabilities, except if willful misconduct or gross negligence is acknowledged, for lost profits of the student, damage caused to the student by any special event (including cases where Lingua Fluencia has predicted or could have predicted the occurrence of such damage), or compensation for damages etc. claimed by a third party against the student
  39. In any event, the liability of Lingua Fluencia under the Agreement is limited to the actual payment of a package plan paid by the student.
  40. This agreement shall automatically cease in the event that the student does not extend the learning package he/she avails.
  41. If either party violates any provision hereof, the other party may terminate this Agreement without formal remediation demand to the other party. In such event, termination of the Agreement shall not preclude the other party from claiming compensation for damages
  42. Any matter not defined herein and any question arising with respect to the interpretation of the provisions hereof shall be discussed in good faith for settlement between the parties hereto.
  43. Lingua Fluencia reserves the right, as its sole discretion to change, modify, add or remove of these rules at any time
  44. Lingua Fluencia has the right to terminate conversation sessions or the entire package plan without any refund to any of the student who is found not following the given agreement.
  45. By agreeing / accepting these terms and conditions, the student agrees and gives the right to Lingua Fluencia to use his/her credentials for marketing purposes and or cross-selling activities, purposes and/or internal research to the benefit of the organization.
  46. Any lawsuit that may arise between the parties hereto is subject to the jurisdiction of South Jakarta National Court, Indonesia.