Have You Ever Wondered
Why You Are Still Struggling
to Speak English?

Lingua Fluencia is a telephone-based English conversation course where you can focus solely on improving your conversation skills by choosing your own topic and schedule for your lessons

Experience a New Way of Learning
English Conversation Through Phone Calls

Conversation Session By Phone

Our coach will give you a telephone-based study session, giving you most efficient learning experience which will help you gain more conversation skill on the go.

Flexible - Pick Your Own Schedule

You can choose your own schedule to fit in with your other activities. This will enable you to do more without clashing with your other priorities.

Cost Efficient

Unlike conventional English courses, Lingua Fluencia is more practical and economical as it does not reqiure extra expenses on transportation and learning materials.

Business hour: Monday to Friday (08:00 - 17:00 Jakarta Local Time).

  • +6221 29751388
  • cs@linguafluencia.com

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